Amazon has been climbing the ranks

Sara Budhwani : Unsplash

The 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand report came out yesterday. It’s always interesting see what brands are in the top 10, which ones moved and why. This year Amazon took poll position knocking Google off the number 1 spot a place it’s held for 2016.

As you can see in the table below, Amazon have been on the upward move since 2015 when they occupied position 15 in the rankings. Amazon climbed up to the top 10 the following year, taking 7thposition before finishing in 3rdplace in 2018. Not a surprise really with all the growth and expansion, acquisition, investment and innovation activity at Amazon over the last few years. 


Apple has firmly held the second place since it was knocked of 1stposition in 2016. Interesting to see Coca-Cola and Marlboro who were in the top 10 in 2015 now occupy 14thand 15th position respectively. Alibaba snuck into the top 10 in 2018 and continues to move up the ranks, giving us two Chinese brands in the top 10.

As the brands move up the rankings, their value is also increasing. On the webinar to launch the report, Doreen Wang, Global Head of BrandZ mentioned that they evaluate over 160,000 brands that have a total value of US$4.7 trillion – the equivalent of Spain, South Korea and Russia’s combined GDP. She emphasised the importance of brands investment to achieve long term success. This was encouraging to hear her called it an investment rather than a cost, which is how the funding behind brand development is often viewed.

The report is also always full of interesting and insightful nuggets of information. When I’ve read through the 195 pages of the report, I will share what I found to be most insightful.